Block Scheduling

Block scheduling is dividing your day into chunks of time. Instead of planning out every hour, you have a block of hours to do a variety of tasks.

It has become my favorite way to plan my days. It allows me the right amount of structure and flexibility I like.

As an example let's say your first block of the day is called your "Morning Block" and it's between the hours of 6-8:30 AM. In your morning block you can:

  • Exercise
  • Study scriptures
  • Get ready
  • Eat breakfast
  • Start a load of laundry
  • Empty the dishwasher
  • Etc.

You don't check email, read, work, etc. Those tasks are for a different block! We did an Instagram Live a few weeks ago where we talked about this and how we work from home with kids, you can see that here on our YouTube channel! (Don't judge us too harshly, it was our first time going live EVER!)

Block scheduling enables you to run your life a little more automatically. You're not having to constantly make a new schedule or do the same thing every day! It's flexible and adaptable and as parents who work from home with kiddos around, we need as much of that as we can get!

Here is what our most recent block schedule looks like to spark some ideas on how to structure yours! We have a total of 6 blocks for our day. We've labeled them as:

  • Morning
  • Work
  • Casa (House)
  • Lunch
  • Evening
  • Kid-Free Block Party
Block Schedule Example

Because we share work and family responsibilities, we opted to call those blocks by their names because they happen at different times of the day depending on the person and day.

To take it a step further, we've gone through our current household upkeep needs and assigned specific days to different tasks. We like doing a little cleaning every day as opposed to it all taking place on one day of the week. It helps keep our house cleaner, and just really works for the stage of life that we're in. I don't know if we'll do it forever, but it's working now so we're going to keep on keeping on! We hope to be able to do the same with our business responsibilities soon but haven't quite gotten there, baby steps!

So there's that! Block scheduling in a nutshell. Super easy to implement, adaptable, and structured just enough to help keep you organized and free up time and energy for you to do things you care about! Like making cookies to eat during the Kid-Free Block Party time!

We created a free downloadable block schedule template that you can use to create your own!

If you're looking for more information and a deep dive into block scheduling, Jordan Page has some great information and videos explaining it in more detail. It's how we first learned about this beautiful concept and life changer!

Download and print this free template to make your own schedule

or pin to your Pinterest board!

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