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We love Scandinavian design, and our passion for it is reflected in our work. We have even gone as far as to tour Scandinavia in order to better study their style and culture (what a sacrifice, right?). Here are the top 6 principles that we have learned from our research and how we apply them to our product and our home.

Form & Function

As Friedrich Hetsch once said, “Aesthetics must always follow function. Should the latter be neglected, neither the eye nor the soul can ever attain satisfaction.” For years, Scandinavia has prioritized functionality, without neglecting beauty. We, likewise, believe that you shouldn’t have to choose between the two! If you need a coaster for your mug, why not get one that adds to the aesthetic of your home, despite its usefulness? As we design, we are mindful of the purpose of each piece.


The Swedish word, lagom, just about says it all — not too much, but just enough. Our prints are simplified images of the objects we illustrate, using clean lines with pops of color. Scandinavian design is simple, it doesn’t shout. Our work is meant to compliment and beautify your home, but not overwhelm.

A Love of Nature

Scandinavians, much like Utahns, have a deep-rooted love of nature. They take every opportunity to be outside and play in the sun. Of course, on bleak winter nights, it can be easy to forget the natural beauty of the world around them, so they bring the outdoors in. We love printing pieces that can reflect the natural world in the home.

Time & Place

Scandinavian designers are influenced by what’s around them. Their work often stylises the local environment, as well as the time of year. With our projects, we try to celebrate our home, our travels, and each season.


There is a distinct feeling of homely cosiness and enjoying life’s simple pleasures. The Danes call it Hygge. To us, hygge is lighting candles, strolling through the forest, relaxing on the porch, swinging in a hammock, sipping hot cocoa, or appreciating beautiful design. Hygge is all the wonderful things that make a happy life with family and friends. We design our products as gentle reminders of pleasant moments in life.

Focus on the Home

“For centuries, Scandinavian life revolved around the home. With a rough climate and long, cold winters, the home had to be a comfortable and cosy place of refuge. This led to the notion of good design, which combines beauty with practicality,” ( The home should be a warm, inviting space, and we believe that design is a key component in making that happen. When we move into a new home, it doesn’t matter how many boxes have been unpacked, it won’t feel right until the art is on the walls. We hope that our product can add to your home, and help to make it a “cosy place of refuge” for you and your family.

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