The faces behind Fell

Hey there! We are Fell, a printing duo based in Salt Lake City. Fell was born because two people fell in love. Fell in love with nature, travel, Scandinavian design, screen printing, and each other. The combination of these loves has motivated us to start our own business to create handcrafted products for the explorer.

Hiking in the Isle of Skye

In 2013 we were engaged and trying to decide how we wanted to do our wedding invitations. Being the stubborn creatives that we are, we wanted to do something different but didn’t have all the money in the world.

Jorrien had been working at a screen print shop in Logan, Utah and was exposed (pun intended) to screen printing there. He started doing some research and came across a screen print kit that came with all of the basic supplies for under $500.

Tiera had dreamt of starting another business ever since she owned a successful one as a teenager. After searching what felt like ages (maybe only 7 years) for different things she could do, screen printing felt like the perfect fit. So we decided to purchase the kit and print our invitations with the intent to turn it into a business afterwards. Easy as pie!

Turns out pie is actually really hard to make – whoda thought! We feel that we’ve made more mistakes than had success, but we take each error and try to learn from it to improve our craft.

We are inspired heavily by our travels, our home, Scandinavian design, and by being in nature. We especially love hiking in the fell.

By definition, fell is a high landscape feature, such as a mountain range or moor covered hills, a tract of open, uncultivated upland. It comes from Old Norse, fjall, meaning mountain. The term is most often employed in Fennoscandia, the Isle of Man, Northern England and Scotland.

To us, the word fell portrays a sense of adventure, and we work to mirror that spirit of exploration in our work.

The Quiraing in the Isle of Skye

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